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Help Children Experiencing Homelessness Recover a Solid Educational Foundation

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How well a child does in school will in large part determine if they can create a stable life as an adult. Ensuring that a child’s education does not suffer because of experiences beyond their control is one way that we, as a community, can work to end generational poverty and homelessness.

Homelessness is not the only issue many of our children may face. Over the past few years, children living with conditions such as autism, heart defects, blindness, seizures, cerebral palsy, sickle cell disease, and even cancer have come through our doors. Can you imagine being a child trying to navigate school with one or more of these challenges and being without a home? Their needs are unique and just as important as their parents. That’s why we put so much focus on providing on-site licensed childcare and after school programs like Champ Camp.

This past school year, there were 94 K-8th grade students who benefited from Champ Camp’s tutoring and enrichment activities. The effects of homelessness can put a child’s educational development significantly behind their peers. Champ Camp staff and volunteer tutors intervene to help children stay on track with their education. Students participate in STEM activities and arts and crafts to fuel a love of learning. Last school year, we saw 37% of students increase their report card grades by 1-3 grade letters from the time they entered Champ Camp. That’s the difference from failing to passing, or even excelling. The children staying with us carry a weight no child should have to, but we are continually in awe of their hope and resilience.

Will you help children experiencing homelessness recover a solid educational foundation?